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Citadines Sainte Catherine, Brussels ★★★

The Citadines Sainte-Catherine Brussels, complete with indoor garden and fountain, is situated in the heart of the city and only a stone’s throw away from Brussels’ famous Grand-Place, a showcase of Flemish baroque architecture.  It is also close to the city’s flower market.

Area: Sainte Catherine

Sainte Catherine – 0.1km

From £60

Citadines Toison d’or Brussels ★★★

Citadines Toison d’or Brussels is located near the Jardin d’Egmont and the Avenue Louise which is lined with world-class shops. You will love Brussels for its numerous museums, including Brueghel Museum and the Ancient and Modern Art, and its splendid architecture. This native land of Tintin also boasts wide range of gastronomic delights.

Area: Louise

Louise – 0.1km

From £62